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The recent outbreak of Coronavirus disease in both developing and developed countries reminded us the great threat of emerging infectious diseases. Coronaviruses are highly communicable once early symptoms develop. The infected patients shed infectious viruses in all body secretions or fluids. If any individual comes in direct contact with any of these secretions it may cause virus transmission to them. The infection spreads by direct contact with sneeze droplet,fluid, blood and secretions, or the ones that remain on clothing, and by any equipment used to treat patients. There’s no cure for Coronavirus till date. Specialists have prescribed medicines to reduce the fever and general effect of the virus. Treatment includes an experimental serum that destroys the infected cells.
The coronavirus and rare diseases conferences aim to bring together physicians,nurses,pharmacist, public health practitioners, researchers and interested persons in various related fields in order to share knowledge, discuss new findings and new ways to further proceed, with the goal of creating valuable collaborations.


By the end of this conference participants will be able to:
Identify best practice processes to incorporate quality improvement initiatives in a variety of health care delivery settings.
Locate resources both within and outside of health care to heighten quality improvement skills.
Articulate quality improvement strategies in the context of a dynamic health care delivery system.
Participants will be incorporated into the Medicare, to join Canada fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Continuing Education Contact Hours 15

To receive contact hours for this activity,
the participant must:
1. Attend selected breakout and plenary sessions in their entirety,
2. View and engage with the poster presenters,
3. Complete evaluation forms reflecting participation, insights and feedback.